Lied für die Erde

||: Schöne Mutter, schöne Mutter Erde, schöne, schöne Mutter Erde :|| ||: Wo bist Du denn, wo bist Du denn bis jetzt gewesen? :|| ||: Oh, immer hier, immer hier :||

We are the flow

von Shekhinah Mountainwater We are the flow and we are the ebb,We are the weaver, we are the web.We are the weavers, we are the web,We are the spiders (and), we are the thread.We are the spiders, we are the thread,We are the flow and, we are the ebb.

13 Trees Chant

von Aisling Apple for the Lady,Oak for the Lord,Hazel for the Wise Ones,Holly for the sword, Rowan for protection,Birch to make a start,Alder for the fire,Willow for the heart.Ash the Magician,Ivy makes a crownVine for the wineWhen the cup comes aroundElder for the ancients,In the forest tall,And the yew tree at Samhain,To cover us all!