Lied für die Erde

||: Schöne Mutter, schöne Mutter Erde, schöne, schöne Mutter Erde :|| ||: Wo bist Du denn, wo bist Du denn bis jetzt gewesen? :|| ||: Oh, immer hier, immer hier :||

13 Trees Chant

von Aisling Apple for the Lady,Oak for the Lord,Hazel for the Wise Ones,Holly for the sword, Rowan for protection,Birch to make a start,Alder for the fire,Willow for the heart.Ash the Magician,Ivy makes a crownVine for the wineWhen the cup comes aroundElder for the ancients,In the forest tall,And the yew tree at Samhain,To cover us all!