Green Man

von Lorelei Greenwood, 1999
(wird auf die Melodie „Greensleeves“ gesungen)

To you, my love, who tends my soul,
Who fills me up so pleasingly
With all good things and precious gifts
Of your life and your loving, unselfishly.

GreenMan, my love, my all,
He who is my brother, my lover, and son.
Gentle warrior, man of men,
It is he who I call my GreenMan.

The babe who’s born from the Lady’s womb,
Who becomes the Lover at springtime’s crest,
Who’s crowned a King in summer’s heat,
And who lays down his life for the harvest.

GreenMan, the woodland King
Who companions me as we move through the Wheel;
Seasons pass yet we remain,
The Lady and her love, the GreenMan.

GreenMan known by many names,
Narada, Jesu, Apollo, and Herne;
Found within every living man
Is a spark of the God called the GreenMan.